Wednesday, November 2

Back in style.

No hat, as the place was closed when I got there, despite the hours that it was supposed to be open. (Yes, Pantea, I agree that fedoras are the immortal fashion). Lots of work. Lots of pictures. Lots of new things to talk about, and a few orders of business:

Got back from Italy about midnight Monday. Would have been earlier, but got delayed in the airport. I played some Italian videogames for a while. Almost ate a sandwich called a "Fattoria" comment.

I don't think it wants anyone to know, but the internet is having a bad day today. So I'm going to take it easy on the pictures today. I have over 200 pictures from Italy, and I'm going to get them down to about 50 or so that I really want you guys to see...and then update them by city. So, first city, hopefully up tomorrow, would be Rome.

BUT, because I know I owe the people's republic of my blog a few pictures, I confess I was able to get a few things up. Two of them are from Rome. Think of it as a trailer for what will be a really, really intense travel documentary. No, really.

Lunch on the 19th, just before I left. I made a salad and took a picture of what basically comprised that afternoon for me. Unfortunately, the salad was a bit more filling than the book.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Infinity Pidgeon, the mammal that knows no fear. Natural Habitat = the apocalypse. I crossed paths with it in the park.

Wednesday night cookies, oh yeah. I passed these out to my friends before I left for Italy, on Wednesday night. That's raspberry jelly in the center. Made them from scratch. So proud.

A picture of me sitting on a balcony at the back of the Emmanuel II WWW memorial, in Rome. Hi people.

And my pride and joy, a self-constructed panoramic photo of the inside of the Vatican. Yes, this is basically the size of the entire country. But isn't it grand? That dome in the back is the Basilica, and the Sistine chapel is off to the right, where you can't see it. Actually, this is only half of my proposed panoramic photo, because it just got too big. But yeah. There it is. Popeville. The place you always see him giving sermons is in front of all the chairs on the left there. (For the fans of the I Spy books in dentists' offices: I spy a girl taking a picture of half of herself).


Anonymous said...

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Pantea said...

Actually.. that's not the size of the entire country. Technically, the Vatican owns all of the property of all of the Catholic Churches in the world, in addition to any land that any individual church happens to own.. I think that the Vatican is technically the richest country in the world? Something ridiculously crazy like that since in most (if not all?) places, the church doesn't have to pay taxes to the federal governments.. oh how I love useless information..