Thursday, December 8

Off to the really highlands

Hey everybody! I've uploaded the rest of the pictures for Scotland and all of them for Madrid to my photobucket site (in the "Up to Dec 8 Scotland/Madrid folders), so check them out if you like! But I will be updating the blog with a description of them all, as usual, over the weekend. Of course, I'll be in Switzerland this weekend, visiting my fabulously European relatives the Murphys! Sweet gig.

Also, I went to the school today to hang out with the was my last day, so I brought them cookies. What I didn't expect was that they made me a card, and all of them signed it! It's totally awesome, I'm really proud. I'll post a picture of that soon...

Just so you know, I'm leaving next wednesday to go on a trip to France and Germany--and after that, it's off to home! So I'll try to stay in touch, but tons of homework, so no promises!

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