Tuesday, March 10

You've not seen nothing.

You should be listening to Rufus Wainwright's "California" while reading this post. Here's a streaming youtube version of it, so you don't have to go through the trouble.

I am moving out of my apartment with Jonna, and I have found a new apartment with some folks living at 5924 23rd Avenue, in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Pictures and videos are sure to follow shortly.

I am going to Los Angeles in June, to stay with my friend Ben. I'm moving to another part of Brooklyn until I finish my master's degree, and then I'm quitting this city. Seven years would be too much (we're on 6.7 at the moment, by my count).

The plan is to go and hang in California with Ben until we both have enough money to go abroad somewhere else...somewhere more rural, an Arcadia in Africa or Eastern Europe. I would like to go and work on an organic farm, as I had intended to previously with Jonna...it sounds really nice. I don't know that Ben is looking at travelling the same way as me, but no one says we have to go to the same places and do the same things exactly. We're just looking at it togther.

I need to get to these places to do these things that will relax me before I even think about finding a place to stay for another seven years, and be satisfied. I'm not satisfied with my life as it is; there must be more joy in me than I have known so far. As it stands now, the good times are killing me (PLAGARIZED).

There are friends and family already settled where I am going, as always, so I won't be alone. And Ben lives on a mountain, which dissipates the smog issue. And I'm going to do a slug in a ditch of a lot of biking up hills (no car), which will be great exercise. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and finally, the name of my blog will mean something again, as I won't be in New York anymore. I've been waiting for that.

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