Monday, November 16


I have a kitty! This is what she looks like.

Her name is Macaroni. She's awesome. We have conversations. I know more Chinese than she does, although she is a local. She can only say "mao," which is the Chinese word for "cat". There are few things I can promise in this world, but I can promise there will be more pictures of her doing ridiculous things. When I go to bed, she lays down next to me (until she gets up in the middle of the night and OPENS DRAWERS (no joke). It's pretty funny.

I got her from a service called "BARK" in Taiwan, which stands for....something Animal Rescue Kaohsiung. I don't know about the B. But basically they pay for her food and bring it to me, and they provided any equipment I need for her。

In other news, the principal of the school has challenged me to a ping pong match, this wednesday at 3 PM。 People are telling me I should lose on purpose.

In any case, I'm going to a birthday party tonight, and all is well.

Here's a link to a video of the concert I went to at the concert in which Lee's wife, Lily, was singing. There was some pretty wacky/ awesome stuff going on there. About half of the concert was lip-synced. With fabulous outfits, of course. Oh! And there should be a short video of walking around at my school. Be forwarned, though, both files are about 27 mb's.

Czech it! I am outta hea.

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m said...

She looks awesome. I like the buried head picture. Cody's been into head-burying lately too; probably because living in our apartment is about as cold as being outside.