Thursday, February 4

Wo yao nega.

1. Knowing that my cat does not speak English, I accidentally tried to speak Chinese to her today, to tell her to stop licking my arm :). Which is my usual method for trying to communicate with things that do not speak English, these days. Give me enough time,
and I'll be attempting to talk to the appliances on a regular basis. Telling the refrigerator to go fill itself up, wot?

2. I drove a motorcycle today! It wasn't smooth, but it's my second time driving around on one, and I was shifting gears all right. Got to work on my starts and turns. But I think by next week, I'll buy the bike I was trying today! It's a cruiser. Green. 150 cc's, a sissy bar, and no saddlebags. YET. Do you smell a road trip with Tina down to Kenting? Cause I sure do. When I get confident, I mean. Give me a few days. Pictures are coming...

3. Ran a half marathon! Feel good about the time. 1 hour, 53 minutes. My legs hurt a lot afterwards, though, cause I didn't train very much at all. Still, better than last year, I think!

4. Next stop, Triathalon. Next stop, Bali. Next stop, rock climbing in Bali. Next stop, making a potato gun.

5. Poem:

1944 JUNE 26

A letter came out of Army Service Forces HQ, on Governors' Island, asking Al Postrel to report to Bonaventure College.
It was delivered.
He opened the letter. Terror.

The return address was stamped,
How do you return (from) that?

Eyes slowly mouthed the words.
Several large, uncomfortable titles, capital letters
seemed too large. Certain words stuck

SUBJECT: Orders to St. Bonaventure College
TO: All Englisted Reservists Concerned

1. ...ORDERS for the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program...
2. Purchase your own later than 1900 HOURS...7 JULY 1944...reimbursed at a later date.
3. are directed to REPORT TO THE Train Commander.
4. ...It is to be understood that you are being ORDERED TO COLLEGE.
5. WAR department scholarship...PROVIDE YOURSELF with civilian clothing.
6. ...present this letter as AUTHORITY for reporting.

The letter was awkwardly shaped
in his brain. WAR.
How do you return (from) that?

He had twelve days.

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