Saturday, August 1


I wake up late
work starts late

say goodbye to the baby,
look into my wife’s eyes as if to say something like I love you and I have to go now

here’s the morning train
at the morning station

here’s my clacking keyboard
the adjustment of the adjustment

here’s the pinkening sky,
there the oranging buildings

k smoke pours out of the adjacent office space
converted gleefully into an apartment;

our neighbors are young forever.
writhing in flourescence.

here’s my still-clacking keyboard
the adjustment of the adjustment’s adjustment

here’s a sky so black and blue
maybe even raining

again, here’s the train
a straight line home

what can we do to save tonight,
drugs, dessert, sex in the spare bedroom

she says she’s tired, 
she goes to sleep,

I go to bed too late,

playing chicken with the moon

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