Sunday, October 9

The times, they are a-changin'.

Call me bi-hemispheral. Today we went to go visit Greenwich village, which is a great little place just on the very eastern edge of the city. Home of the Cutty Sark, the second fastest tea-clipper ever (what fame!), the Royal Naval Hospital (The dining hall and chapel inside were breathtaking), and the Royal Observatory. Apparently the royal observatory, however, is not where people actually did any discovering. No, they had a separate little shed for the astronomers to go to for that. The royal observatory was for the nobles to have a good time...Again, I'm not a royalist. Anyway, I also went down to the market, where I determined a need to purchase fabulous pair of cufflinks and a tea set, but didn't find any that were worth it. I also need shirts that require cufflinks, but that's the least of my worries, obviously.

Unfortunately, I was hideous for all of this (that's the royal observatory in the background of that one). Nevertheless, I had a great time with some great new friends, named Hyun, Nora, and Sabrina. Nora and I actually may end up doing some knitting together, I'm really interested in learning about that. I'll let you know how it goes.

Not that I'm in a rush, but let's get these pictures out of the way, so we can talk about the important stuff.

Royal Naval Columns.
A pretty wicked 24 hour clock.
Staircase, currently my desktop (this is a pretty one, I think. Let me know if you want desktop resolution. I'm considering making a Simon in London desktop collection for y'all.
Pretty afternoon skyline.
London Eye on the way back. I hope I get to go soon.

So, substituting for this week's big news section we have the very honorable and effective

THE IMPORTANT STUFF (Depending on who you are).

Whew. Glad we're here. A few developments:
  1. I'm the arts editor for the newsletter here at the NYU-L program! I get to organize a page of reviews, and I get to make a comic, which will probably be based on the comic at! I hope to bring something new to it, though. The newsletter is called the Moon.
  2. I'm going to Measure for Measure at the Globe on Wednesday, training for my community service in schools on Tuesday, soup kitchen volunteering on Friday, classes Tuesday and Wednesday, and going to see an opera named Siegfried tomorrow. When do I do my homework, you ask? I point your attention to a cardboard box with the words "Time Machine" scribbled on it in marker.
  3. I have decided based on a lot of thought to pursue the idea of teaching as a career (elementary English?). I think it will make me happy. I can explain this more, and I will, but in my next post. Mom and Dad, don't worry, I've just posted a four page letter all about this stuff to you, and it's got mathematical proofs and Venn diagrams in it and everything about my decision. No kidding. I'm going to post on here as I figure out how I'm going to make it possible, but the basic issue is me getting certification and getting paid at the same time. Post me and let me know what you guys think!
  4. I jointed the UMLC (University of London Mountain Club), and will be continuing my rock-climbing endeavors every Tuesday, now with a bunch of very sophisticated and impressively muscular British types. I'm also planning on going hiking with Patti around the English countryside very soon, which sounds like it will be a really good way to experience England outside of London. I'm psyched.
  5. I've booked my flight for Rome, and am definitely visiting Switzerland, Spain, and Germany, I just haven't booked them yet. I'm still considering France, Romania, and Dublin/Edinburgh, but no definites yet. I'll keep you posted!

My cousin Alec is as of the weekend before last, according to the Jewish Faith, the man. Congratulations, Alec! May you and your sister receive British baked goods in the mail. Wait, did I say that? Love you, dude. Great job.



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