Saturday, October 22

When not at home...

Do like the Romans do.

I'm in Italy! I'll update very quickly if I can, but it's just sheer luck that the hostel that I'm in, Yellow Hostel, has a great little internet service. THe other hostel I've stayed in so far was kind of a slummy joke, but this one has mood lighting and strange posters and everything! Score.

You'll never guess how many pictures I have of things. The Colloseum, the Palatine, Vatican City (today! Saw the Sistene Chapel. Lot of work for one guy.), the Basilica, and in general, almost every historical attraction. Food = Reason to make money, here.

Ah, got to get running, my time is running out on this computer! But I wish everyone who's taken the time to read my blog up to this point the best! Thanks for keeping up, the photos I'll be updating when I get back on the 30th should be mindblowing.

Until then, Florence, Venice, Milan.

A crazy man attacked the La Pieta with a hammer once in the 60's, Joseph tells me. That's why the nose is broken.

I saw the corpse of Pope Pious X today! It was creepy. Bye.

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