Sunday, February 12

Faster when crossed

Name of spell: Blizzard in New York City.
Hit % : 20
Damage : 0-Annoying pts. per day, +2 cumulative.
Effects : -5 mph points to all vehicles and pedestrians. +5 to quietness on the streets, all character classes get a +6 homebodyness and +3 stat bonus for winter wonderland childhood memories.
Area affected : The entire darn city.

Hey, so I went shooting and baking yesterday, with Rachel. It was something special. I even got to wear my scarf while I did it, which means I felt a little like Rambo crossed with The Little Prince. Here, you be the judge.

Now tell me we're not seperated at birth--Sylvester Stallone, me, and The Little Prince. Of course, by seperated at birth I mean blown apart by an explosive arrow fired from the top of a building in an abandoned city. And then forced to survive in the wild, on our commando/bird wrangling/rifling skills.

Outside of Rachelage, though, it was a weird day yesterday. I got very frustrated with myself, I need to think less.

Music: "Kate" by Ben Folds Five. "Cosmopolitans" by Erin Mckeown.

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jessrawk said...

awww i have some petit prince words on my ankle. he is pure awesomeness. xoxox.