Monday, February 20

Strife stylings

So, I stayed up until 4AM last night talking with my friend Mallory, contemplating veganism. It's interesting stuff. Some things I didn't know about veganism, which you probably already know:
  • Vegans wear vegan clothes.
  • Vegans can't use most condoms, and no birth control, since much of it contains casein.
  • If a bear was attacking a vegan, the vegan would probably kill it if they could.
Here are my thoughts:
  • I am concerned about overpopulation, which veganism certainly takes into account.
  • I am not sure if veganism is a choice, or the lack of a choice. I for one would not like to make a decision about animal cruelty unless I know more about it, and more about what I think about it, and so veganism would be the natural alternative. BUT it is a choice to support vegan culture.
  • I am not sure if vegan is low-cost and feasible. If it is not, I will not do it.
  • As humans taking over the planet, we have a social responsibility to not be so wasteful.
  • Raisins are yummy. So is cereal. They are both vegan.
I plan to do a sexpose on veganism right here on the blog after exploring the issue, with my decision. I have vegans, non vegans, and ex-vegans to interview. So stay tuned.


Rachel said...

word. If you interview ex-vegans you better interview me. Or else.

also, this post has made me nostalgic for my vegan days. i don't think i'm enraged enough to do it anymore though... it takes a lot of rage. at least it did for me.

alex!! said...

then you should totally call/email/facebook message heather. she would be thrilled to talk to you about becoming a vegan.