Friday, August 11

Jobs are translation. People get old.

Movies (In order of greatness) :

Ghost in the Shell 2 -- A
American Splendor -- A -
The Day After -- A-
Rocky -- B+
American Psycho -- B+
Unbreakable -- B +
Rebel Without a Cause -- B +
Dead Man Walking -- B
Weather Man -- B
Rope (Alfred Hitchcock) -- B

The Maltese Falcon --Haven't seen it yet...
Vertigo -- Bad Tape!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is playing at a movie theatre in Providence, at midnight! I think I'll go. Especially since my dad doesn't think it's prudent to go bowling at this stage in the recovery game.

IS 292, the school I'm hoping to work for, hasn't called me back, and I haven't been able to get in touch with Ms. Williams yet to ask her what happened. It's looking like I'm back on the campaign trail again, just to be safe. Monday I call IS 292, and then start calling other schools (high schools, hopefully). Although this time I'm able to look anywhere in the city, not just in region 5. Actually, it's funny--my FA told us recently that we were ALWAYS able to look anywhere in the city, the Teaching Fellows just TOLD me I couldn't. I don't take well to lies. But I'm not worried. I'm just warming up *grin*. Ain't no chillins going to escape my tutelage in no east Brooklyn hood.

I went out to the mall today and bought a few fun things--New running earphones (to spite my butt), a really slick black tie (at last!), a hotdog of the gods. While at Macy's I talked with the cashier about teaching. He said he'd worked at the Boy's and Girls' Club a lot, and I told him about the Fellows program. He seemed really enthusiastic, so I gave him my email.

I passed on an old set of The Chronicles of Narnia given to me by my neighbor in the 5th grade. I gave them to a little girl who showed up at our house via friends of the family. Her name was Elektra...seemed very nice, we talked about Redwall and the Lemony Snicket books...she said the latter were her favorite. But she'd never read the Narnia books, only seen the movie. She seemed REALLY excited to get them, kept looking at the box and seemingly waiting to get home, to read them. I wrote my email in the last page of The Last Battle, told her to email me if she finished them all :) . I think she'll be knocked flat. I was. I could think of nothing more strange or interesting than children who had lived out their lives thousands of times as kings and queens in another reality. It warped my mind at a young age and still does. Just a sci-fi guy at heart, I guess.

I also reproached of a woman for having a big, gas guzzling car in the suburbs today. It was a big black Dodge pickup, and the woman driving it couldn't reach the drive-through ATM. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I just decided I didn't have a lot to lose, and that I wanted to know what someone would say if I approached them about the miles per gallon they get. She didn't say anything, really. Just kind of looked at me and drove away.

I feel uptight about my body recently. I used to be in better shape. I'm not worried about myself, and most people make me feel like the kid with an A who wants an A+, which I'm thankful for (You're the best, mom). But I used to be more enthusiastic about exercise during the summer, and something's changed this time around. My FA advisor for the Fellows told us all that we're going to gain weight, which is annoying--I am already doing that. I haven't been able to make a commitment to myself to get "back into the rhythm" of exercising every day, even though I'm involved with people who are a lot more health conscious and inspiring than I used to be. I need an ultimatum.

The banjo sounds a lot like the harp to me recently.


You have to wear a wooden house in.
Floors curve to your weight.
Doorways loosen,
The pine in the frame learns
to hold high the sash
without a wooden spoon.
Pets find their corners
rub the molding warm
and stay.

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