Thursday, August 10

Vike n' Ikes at the silver scream

Hey, I'm alive! I have about 30 stitches on my bottom, but I'm alive. (If you want to see a picture of my butt with stitches, just email me, I guess. I'm all about democracy of information). Doesn't hurt to sit down too much. Just took the bandage off and took a shower today, after 2 days of being pretty heavily medicated and feeling under the weather. I've been watching movies, so here's the update--I'm going to start practicing grading. I think I'll come up with a rubric soon enough, just for fun.

Movies I have watched:

Rebel Without a Cause -- B +
American Splendor -- A -
American Psycho -- B+
Weather Man -- B
Rope (Alfred Hitchcock) -- B
Unbreakable -- B +

Things I've rented but not watched yet:

Ghost in the Shell 2 --
Vertigo --
The Day After --
Rocky --
Dead Man Walking --
The Maltese Falcon --

I've been playing this game a lot. It's helping me relive my Outward Bound Survival Camp training. IN SPACE. BWAHGAH.

Some people who read this would like Regina Spektor, if you've never heard of her. You know who you are. She's like Fiona Apple, but smoother and happier. Non? See below.

Regina Spektor US

You know who you are.

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