Tuesday, October 27

Tea on the moon, anyone?

Here are some new photos from the new school, as well. The photos here are from the drive to Cishan (pronounced Chi-san, strangely), and the school there, where I thought I was working. But my agent gave me the option of working in what I thought was a much nicer place, so I decided to work in a different school in a town called Lhuju, instead. So there are also pictures of the drive to the town of Lhuju (Literally, Bamboo Boulevard), where the Tsai-Wen elementary school is. We got there via a drive through a place called "Moon World," which is named as such because it looks like the surface of the moon. I didn't get to see much of it...but it looks amazing, yeah? It's all this extremely strangely angled terrain formed after volcanic eruption. The soil is so metallic and ashy that nothing grows there...well, due to soil blowing over, some things have started to grow on the fringes. Unfortunately, those were the only parts that I saw. But apparently, there's a good lot which is completely barren. Great views from the tea houses there, I hear.

And there are two photos there from the Tsai-Wen school which is where I started working today. More on that in the post I've already made, though. As far as aesthetics, all I can say is that these schools make New York City Public School facilities look like dirty dive bars located in prisons. You'll have to wait to see more.


PS: Could someone comment and tell me whether you can read the descriptions of these pictures? They should just have basic names, describing what they are.


Alexandra said...

Can't see the photo descriptions... also the slideshow is a lot bigger than in posts past, and it sort of overlaps onto the right hand navigation bar.

ANYWAYS I love you, talk to you tonight!!!!

Pammie P said...

What Alexandra said.

Marc said...

What Alex and Pammie said.