Friday, October 30

Out to lunch.

No post yesterday! GASP! Things is fine, but I've been super tired lately, because of how early I've been getting up for work...the first week back to teaching is ALWAYS exhausting, as some of us know. Anyway, I'm working in the bookstore, and things are going just fine. This weekend, I find an apartment! And a TV! And an X-Box! And a cat (maybe).


Mandarin characters of the friggin' day:

-- ming (second tone, so raise your eyebrows while saying it). It means "tomorrow".

BUT, there's more: As you can see, there are two distinct figures in this character. On the left is the symbol for the sun, and on the right there is the symbol for the moon. So, in the time it takes for the moon and the sun together in a day, it will be tomorrow.

BUT, there's more:

亮 -- mingliang (second tone, then the fourth done, which goes down.) Means "bright". Liang and ming both mean bright, it seems.

BUT, there's more more thing: The symbol for sun also stands for the word "day", as one new sun comes up every day. And the symbol for moon also stands for "month", as one new moon comes up every month.
So, the date today, in Chinese, would read: 月10日30.

Got all that? Good.

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