Monday, March 13

The internet connection at the end of the universe.

I had the means, so today I took a lot of pictures and am uploading them to my photobucket account. In case I haven't told you over the phone or you can't guess from the images, this place is a gigantic, terrible fucking mess. Things:

  • There is a line of something about 5 feet high on every structure in this neighborhood. It's a water mark.
  • This is not just a "clean up" thing. It's also a race thing. Common Ground was started by an old Black Panther leader, who was trapped in his home when white vigilantes were roaming the streets after the flood.
  • It's a completely volunteer organization, with 34 full time people and 300 more students coming in tomorrow. That means the number of volunteers are doubling.
  • The most dangerous things in the houses we're going to be gutting will be the refrigerators...think about it. Roast beef + 6 month abandonment = Satan, airborne.
  • I'm going down to the lower 9th Ward tomorrow, with a Tyvek suit, a respirator, a first aid kit, a tool box and some raisins, and I am going to fix up some mess.
  • I'm on team Moose with 11 other students, most of which are from Weslyan. My team and I picked it so we can yell MOOOOOOOOOSE in the morning to gather the team up.
  • Today I helped a woman bring cabinets into her house. She pulled up on the side of the road, said her name was Betty, and that she was trying to move back in and needed two people. I went and got this guy whose name was Ryan, and we did it.

There are 34 pictures here.

I'm not going to describe all the pictures yet, but there is a picture of me with team Moose (although we haven't done anything yet), a lot of pictures from the top of the school that I'm staying in with 599 other people (Called St. Mary of the Angels), some pictures of non-working trains, and some funny messages people left on their houses.

There are some pictures of drawings that are stretched all around the cafeteria...they're all done by one guy, who I met. The person he drew writes their story of working in New Orleans on them.

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