Tuesday, May 23

Though the streets are swollen, rawhide.

Big news:
  • Brian came and took my apartment for a virgin Brian cruise. I don't think my residence knows quite what to think of itself after that look.
  • I am teaching in Region 5, which is located approximately meah, and will be attending Brooklyn College (Yeah, the site is kind of plastic, but so are a lot of good things) for my master's degree with the NYC Teaching Fellows!
  • I am now the proud owner of a banjo. I know six chords, and played "Oh Susanna" for my parents this weekend! I need to work on switching from D7 to C chords. And playing the banjo. I'm not so good at that part of the banjo, yet. But I did give my banjo a name. It's Joanna. I'm not the type to really call a musical instrument a name...I think Guido is really the only inanimate object that has a real name...but it's a great instrument, and I'm happy to be self-learning it!
  • I got Madame Butterfly on frickin RECORD. In original ITALIAN.
  • I went to Boulder with my parents! I went rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon (no top roping or lead climbing or nothing, just bouldering, but MAN that place is beautiful. Check out some pictures!
  • The road trip of the century will be taking place. I'm leaving from home on the 25th or 26th, leaving NYC with Mary and Gabe on the 27th, arriving in Florida on the 2nd or 1st for my grandma meemee's batmitzvah, picking up Jen M. in Georgia on the 3rd, and hitting NYC on the 5th or 6th. WHEW. Then I'm driving Jen to Boston the next day. Rock.
I haven't written anything that feels new lately, you know? Maybe it's the focus on the banjo.

Questions from Orlum are on mah livejournal, but I didn't want to put them here, as they'd take up so much durn space. My user name is Catlard.


Ellie said...

haha i feel so honored to have gotten a mention on your blog! i've been a little poopy in the writing department as well lately, so, no worries. we'll work it out.

LilSass said...

Simon, mi amor ... It's been ages since I've read your space and I'm so glad that I visited today! I loved the photos from your trip west and I'm so glad things are working out with Ian. Several thoughts:
Congrats on the teaching post and most importantly, FINISHING UNDERGRAD!!
Secondly, you totally have a MILF. Mrs. Braunstein you're beautiful!
Thirdly, YOUR ROOMMATE HAS BEEN ON MY FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME??? LAW AND ORDER??? OH MY GOSH!! 'Member how I said I was going to come visit? Well .... I'm coming to visit even sooner so I can shake that man's hand (and can you ask him how I can be an extra? I mean, I'll be a corpse if I have to.)

Heart you Simon,
Sara in DC