Sunday, March 20

Character demo.

Be sure to blow this one up. It's a demo sheet of the ghosties I'm drawing for my character sheet this wednesday, soon to be part of the game I'll be making with Lahta. As you can see, this is a totally uninformed stage in the process. I'm half done with it.

Also today, some character details for the ghost.

NAME: Kneph

OCCUPATION: An Egyptian spirit, mostly long forgotten.

AGE: Approximately 4000 years old.

GENERAL TEMPERAMENT: Very patient. Constantly in search of new forms of entertainment.

Kneph is extremely bored of the spirit world, since it has been thousands of years since the height of Egyptian civilization, and no one makes sacrifices anymore.

MOTIVATION: The land on which the apartment in the game is built is Examo's ancient haunting ground. Because of his longstanding belief that cats are more intelligent than dogs, he has been challenged by another spirit from a dog-loving religion. The challenge is to prove that at least one cat can learn any trick a dog can. If he fails in his quest to prove this, he will lose the right to haunt the area, and thus disappear. If he succeeds, then he will be able to increase his own territory.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kneph’s body is a gooey vapor which acts like a transparent, lighter-than-air version of silly-putty. Kneph is approximately the size of a human being. But he has a mouth in the middle of his lower half which expands and contracts as he “breathes”. He has eyes which glow with a blue-green light in the dark.

LIKES: Sacrifices, Egyptian culture, cats that obey, subservience, shadows.

DISLIKES: Small dogs, big dogs, medium-sized dogs televisions, bright lights and daylight (though they are not lethal to him).

METHOD OF LOCOMOTION: Kneph is able to move in and out of small spaces, the way a vapor would, but he cannot leave the ground and simply “fly”. He can jump, or leave the ground for short periods of time.


alex said...

Let's see. Cat-lover. Very patient. Constantly in search of new forms of entertainment. Who could this Kneph fellow possibly remind me of...?

PS. Rockin' new banner by the way.

Lahta said...

You shame me into doing more work with your amazing D&D-style character synopsis. But not just yet.

The Lahta. said...

So I haven't been posting as much as you have, and you've obviously put in a lot of work which makes me feel like a total goon-bag. But! From tomorrow night it's on! Drawings! Collaboration! Cats looking coquettishly at you! Stuff! More stuff! It will be a veritable bonanza!