Tuesday, March 22

More of the s(H)ame.

That H was there for you, Lahta.

So, today I did some new, higher-resolution ghost images for the character sheet. It looks much more electrified now. Do you like it? Granted, they're still a little pixelly. Hush, you. I'm going to do a lot more work on them tomorrow, and try throwing some light effects up behind the ghost and write some notes about how it will react visually and emotionally to environments. But this is my drawing for the day, and it's enough for you.

I've been mixing around in Unity, getting ready to make my 3d room, and looking at some javascript. Funky stuff. I'm definitely going to be creating a 3D kitchen for my room project, as part of my minor project. The goal is to make it look as professional as possible in a one-week period, so that it's as usable as possible for my minor project. Ya dig?

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Lahta said...

Ghosty ghost looks much creepier, and also box jellyfish-like, if that was the effect you were going for? I'm interested to see how you will tackle it in 3D. perhaps you could add a basic expression to it in Maya to adjust the transparency over time?
I thought I was going to do the kitchen for the house. Not that it matters, particularly. Have you started it, yet? Now that I've finally got some time to dedicate to study, I've modelled a basic cat body model, and its little head, which I will send to you for your perusal once I've typed this missive. Shit, better start compiling room images, stat!