Tuesday, March 29

Regarding the fabulous move(s).

IT'S been a few days since I've uploaded...mostly because I've been very busy putting together stuff for multiple projects, and moving, and worrying about this an that. It's difficult to keep up with all the new software that's being thrown at us, but like written Chinese, if someone sits down and explains it to you, it makes perfect sense that things work the way they do. Lahta has been very helpful in getting me on board with practical Maya stuff. I'll run through what I'm struggling with for each of my projects.

1. Procedural Animation Project (Due April 13) -- I'm still working out what I want to do with this, but I think that all the work I've been doing in 3D will probably cause me to do something using Unity. I've stated that I'd really like to do something that would involve feeling like you're in the middle of something that's changing from the outside. But this is conjecture.

2. Room Project  (Due April 6) -- I'm making a Kitchen for this project, as a sort of contributing asset for the Minor project that Lahta and I are doing together. We're going for a skewed aesthetic on all the objects. I'll have to post some stuff up when I get everything organized at home.

3. Character Animation Project (Due April 6) -- I'm going to create an animation of my ghost character entering a room, in a creepy way. At the moment it's looking like I'm going to do that in flash, or in adventure game studio.

4. Case Study (Due April 19) -- Not discussed yet. Have to talk to Hanjin and Jin.

5. Storytelling Interactive Treatment (Due April 5) -- I have to come up with an idea for this. I got down everything about how it needs to be made.

LATELY the stuff I've been connecting most with in classes has been the stuff that deals with interactive design...and I'm wondering what projects will actually be too large for me to tackle in the time I have this semester. Oscura, a game made by someone from my program from last year, seems to be the upward limit.

I feel like I'm running in front of a tornado made of deadlines, bills, and job opportunities. Ahhhhh! I think there's also something that happens if you haven't actually animated in a while. Maybe I just need to sit down and animate and get some things done for each project...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, thanks for the Unity programming tips on Monday. Here's some cool interactive web pixel comics: http://www.demian5.com/index-e.php.