Friday, September 9

Frozen milk atop bread.

Hey, to everyone I invited to come see the site and was expecting the ice cream, here's a little something. No, really, I should have. Just make sure you take the little girl with you. Today I met Gerry Plante's really top notch friend Ollie, whose company I really enjoyed. I think we may work out something where I go to his shows and work and write reviews for my Reporting the arts class. He does something at shows which I find to be rather good in taste, which is that he and musicians will ad lib music, effects, and sampling to a silent movie. I'm really psyched to find out what that's like. Beyond that, I've been doing a bit of reading and trying to catch up on schoolwork. Today, I have a lot of pictures for you to look at, mostly from the past. The highlights are here, but most of the best pictures are linked to. Keep in mind you can look at all my pictures (organized by upload date) at my photobucket gallery, linked on the right there.

This is St. Paul's Cathedral from the south bank of the Thames, on the millennium Bridge. You may think this is nice, but wait until you see...

This picture of the Blackfriar bridge, from the middle of the millennium Bridge. You can't buy that London glare at home, folks. Or maybe...

A look at the really high tech and cheeky anti-pollution device they have installed is more your thing. Why don't we do this in New York?

Quickly now, in decreasing or increasing importance (based on if you're my mom):

Picture of Saint Paul's that makes it look like the temple from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Picture of a London police car, how the Bobbies roll in style. England is the only police force I know with a BMW station wagon for a squad car.

The outside of Bedford square, where my classes are, and where I am right now.

The view from a balcony near my room.

A picture of the courtyard of my building.

My roommates Andy (in the kitchen of the room) and Jim (In the bathroom of our room in the suite). Keep in mind this the day we got there, so we were basically the walking dead.

Part of the room I share with Andy and Jim.

Where my computer is in the main room of the suite. Nice view, ey?

The main room in my suite. The kitchen would be behind you.

And, of course, my sister, right before I was about to leave my house last week:
I love her very much, and hope is having a tremendously fun time at college. She's going to Middlebury where she has (blushes) entered as an English major. Hopefully that's going well, and hopefully she'll find out what she wants to do, regardless of what it is. I know I had my doubts when she:

Erased all my poems from the computer when I was little.
Stole the model horses from my room when I was little, because she liked horses more than I did.

But let's not forget that I:

Took all the money we saved in a little tin underneath mom and dad's dresser to buy a Game Boy (several times).
Hit her on the head when we were little and she messed up my Little Mermaid dance routine.

And after all, she is the woman. RESPECT.

Whatever you're doing, Alex, I love you! Remember the Rhode Island state motto, and we'll always be happy! Never mind the Bullocks! (Oh, I think I just had a tear!)

Song of the day: Beautiful Child, by Rufus Wainwright.
Big News: Panicking about homework due, Stonehenge visit tomorrow, Romeo and Juliet Opera on Sunday, interviewing a classmate tonight. Saw the Dickens house, likely to return to get a tour. It's a museum.


Anonymous said...

hooray simon!!!

Marc Braunstein aka Dad said...

Actually, Ollie's improvising to silent movie is what they used to do when silent movies were the only ticket in town. Piano player would watch the screen and play, trying to capture the mood of the scene. What goes around comes around. Also Simon, I can't believe you stole the change from under our dresser. That was the retirement fund. Now we'll have to rely upon you for support in our old age.