Thursday, September 15

Motorcycle madness.

I'm back in style! A lot of work this weekend, but I thought I'd try and make good on my promise to update again about everything as soon as possible...

This post is going to be a long, but highly organized, doozie. Here at my blog, descriptions of the following events are on the menu for you to choose to read (In order of their happening):

1) My adventures at the Globe, seeing the Winter's Tale (Not Pericles, which I mistakenly suggested in my last post.)
2) My incredibly coincidental finding out that one of my roommates is a rather classy Flash artist.
3) My adventures meeting Patti, English teacher extraordinare, who I have become friends with since sitting next to her and her son on the plane. (Alex, the answer to one of your questions is here).
4) My publishing internship adventures.

And, for dessert, I've decided to get brave again:

5) A poem (I have provided a very safe link to a very safe .txt file, as the poem wouldn't format correctly on this post. Blogger is being weird about a lot of things recently.)

If you don't want to read any of this, and you'd rather hop on to one of your other sites, you've probably already gotten the gist of my post, so here's the...

Big News: 4 books to read by tuesday (really on the express train now...), tomorrow is Pericles + other tours at the Globe, tomorrow is also a concert with my friend Ollie, writing a review of/going to see Julius Ceasar sometime this weekend, hopefully, at the National Theatre, so I can write a review about it. Toma has invited me to visit her in Germany for two weeks, so I think I may extend my departure. Made friends with a guy named Joseph, got free bread, saw something morbidly humorous involving a man forgetting to unlock his bicycle and trying to ride away on it, working on the publishing internship.

Still here? Ok. Here we go.

1) I went to go see The Winter's tale at the Globe, which I have to say has spoiled me for life, in terms of theatre. Here are some pictures. I'm going again tomorrow more during the day, so I should have better ones then. It was an Original production, which I learned recently means that absolutely nothing about the play was created using non-Elizabethan technology. All medieval instruments, and the shoes were to die for, dahlink! It was amazing. Of course, they didn't let us take any photos during the performance, but I got a few when everyone was walking around. When the play did start, some people did take pictures (the limey pikeys...) but overall being a front row groudling was incredible! Here are some pictures! More tomorrow of the whole theatre, I promise.
Here are some Shakespearean actors...doing their thang before the show, when everyone can take pictures (The men in the picture from left to right are Camillo [the "loyal" murderous servant, Antigonus [who gets mauled by a bear and everyone laughs], and Leontes [the king of Sicilia, who is jealous like the dickens] :
This is my "musing on the significance of theatre" expression:
My friend Joseph's "Let me show you this theatre I built" expression:
The stage before any of the actors come out, before Leontes accuses Hermione of being "slippery", and then trying to have Polixenes (the king of Bohemia) whacked:
A nightline, skyline, or whatever. After we left the theatre. The big domey business is St. Paul's.
A happy picture of me for the fam. I love you guys, thanks for helping me get here in every little way.
A shrine for William Wallace that is near my dorm! The plaque about how he was killed at that location, and about his bravery. Joseph said that yesterday he saw that someone had left a full bottle of liquor for him, but it was gone when we got there. I guess it was someone who doesn't beleive in dangerously sober Scottish historical figures.
A tiny yellow car. It's pretty small, trust me. I had to zoom in.
2) It turns out that my roommate Peter is an admirable flash artist, whose work I had actually seen on before I knew him! Hah! I played his game last year without knowing him, and saw him messing around on his computer today. What a shocker! Here's his site. It's hilarious, but not work safe if you've got the volume way up, and not appropriate if you're young and shouldn't be hearing curses. (Alec Burkin, that goes for you, ask a parent...) I'd suggest clicking on the pig and watching that animation, and then trying the game if you want to try your hand at being a Tisch film student. Trust me, it's classy and worth a look.
3) So I took coffee with Patti, the fascinating and kind woman I met on the plane over, while hanging out with her son Julien, who sat next to me (we discussed game boy advance game genres). Although I got there a little late because I misjudged where she wanted me to be, it was a grand old time talking to her, and it looks like we'll be good friends. I asked her for my sister who was curious, as she is a teacher in UK public schools, whether kids walk on the left side of the hallway. And she tells me that yes, they are indeed encouraged to. I can't decide if that's curious, or whether it makes sense. You decide. So in addition to her leading me to a really cool part of town, and a top notch coffee shop where I actually enjoyed my first cup of coffee (it was decaf), we got four loaves of organic bread for free when the coffee house closed, AND there was a man who after having a few pints decided to go home on his motorcycle, but had forgotten to take out the lock on the front wheel. So he falls over, and the bike falls on his foot. I go over to help him get it off, but he got it out alright, so I left him alone, and it didn't look like he wanted to talk about it anyway. He took the lock off the bike and rode away, and about 50 people at the pub he was probably drinking at (everybody was drinking outside of this pub, which was right next to the whole incident) started to clap and cheer. Hah!
So it looks like Patti and I may go see a street gang version Julius Ceasar at the National Theatre soon enough (I mentioned it and she said she had to teach it to her class soon, and was planning to go anyway!), if it's showing this weekend at a good time. I'm going to look it up when I'm done posting. So when I got home, I gave the remaining three loaves of bread to my friends and my roommates. Before you go back, yes, I did say there were four loaves, but I ate an entire loaf on the way home, for dinner. Man, that stuff was delicious! Thanks, Patti!
4) I've been working on gettting a publishing internship, and sent a writing sample to Portobello Books today, but the man there wrote me saying that he'd like to see something different. I think that must be a good thing that he wants to see a second sample despite the fact that he was a bit "put off" by the first. But I'm going to give him something about a show I've seen soon, and hopefully you folks will read it too. Oy! Rushed into the world of journalism.
5) (Thanks to Dan for the FTP access!)
Cheers! That's all, talk to you soon.
Song of the day: Giving up the Ghost, by DJ Shadow.

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