Tuesday, September 13

A hard day's night.

Hey, everyone! The weekend of work is over. Now it's time for the work week. There really wasn't much else to report this weekend, except I blitzkrieg French toasted a loaf of bread for a pot-luck party (I was late, and had promised challah French toast, so I made a loaf of French toast in about 15 minutes), and interviewed a guy named Marlow Stern for my Reporting the Arts class. Both of these were invigorating but not entirely satisfying.

I stayed up all last night working on my presentation on Wordsworth and De Quincey last night, and people thought I did a good job in class, but it just wasn't fluent enough. Mostly because I feel like I have a responsibility to do well for myself since it's my senior year. It wasn't about what other people think I should be doing, just what I think is good enough (provided my standard is always higher). I think if I could bring the 9-5 work week into my studies, that would be enough. Has anybody actually tried that?

Parenthetically, I'm trying to figure out my travel plans in Europe for this semester this week. Any suggestions? Currently on the list is:

Germany (Dessau to visit Toma, Cologne to visit Chris)
Switzerland (Visiting the beloved Murphys)

I'm going to Pericles tonight! Pictures of the Globe and a poem (a shorter one, I promise) will be served later today. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...
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Marc Braunstein aka Dad said...

Can you believe the first comment? Is nothing sacred? That said, is anyone caring for their elderly loved one looking for a personal emergency response system? If so, contact Marc Braunstein aka Dad.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Visit Madrid.. you will not believe the amazing night life here..
- Pantea