Tuesday, January 17


First day of classes, and not a scratch on me (I always open with a lie). Made some granola recently, in the fashion of Cousin (there's a reason "cousin" and "cuisine" are close) Jane Murphy, and it came out wonderfully. Pictures soon. Also, pictures for Germany and France are up! The next installation of the photo-safari book report isn't.

I met my roommate Alex finally! He is quite the dude. I will put up a picture shortly, but haven't taken any pictures yet. Although we are both graduating seniors, I am actually his first new roommate since freshman year--the people he was living with for the last 3 years just moved out. So...big shoes to fill.


Quaaludes to fail physicals
asthma and memories
of broken bones.
You lied to the armed forces.

And now here we are, free white Jews
on a white Christmas.
My mushroom omelette arrives
on a continuum, and everyone basks
in the Sunday morning of it all, waiting
for tea and inspiration.

Music: "Kate," by Ben Folds Five.

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