Wednesday, January 25

My international experience was more valuable than yours.

In place of any really entertaining new pictures, here are me and my father on a mountain about 2 years ago. I look different. My hair is doing its Hyper-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-after-you-get-all-the-chaos-emeralds-and-get-fifty-rings-then-jump-up-in-the-air impression. I dare you to make a comic out of it. No, seriously. Do it! Ask me if you want the template for the comics.

In other news, I had a 9AM interview this morning for an ambassadorship at the study abroad program here at NYU. It seems like a really cool little gig, although the interview was a group job, and it felt as though I was competing with the other 5 girls in the room to show that we had the coolest experiences. Basically, this job would mean that I could design programs to bring the NYU in London community closer together...stuff buying cookies for a big British movie showing and sharing my addiction with the world. It was actually kind of fun, talking about it to people who already knew a lot about the program. I get the feeling that it will have a lot to do with building community amongst post-undergrad students here, since Plain yogurt-USA-NYU doesn't really have much of a campus.

Oh my goodness, two incredibly violent and entertaining flashes:

1. The Ultimate Showdown (A superhero rap/song thing, you probably want the subtitles).
2. gogo Happy and Smile (A side scrolling game. Play as either a kitten or a bunny and do anime supermoves).

And one song you must hear. Yes, it streams. It's called the Pirate Rap.

This week should be interesting. Tomorrow I have my first informational meeting for the NYC teaching fellowship--it's about teaching math and science, but I thought I would go anyway. As far as setting up my website, which will hopefully be, I'm working on it. I want to name it fish because there are a lot of fish in the world, they don't blink, they are creepy, and don't taste as good as chicken at lot of the time. In essence, they are exactly like my comics. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I would probably keep the blog running, unless I move it to that website. I doubt I would have such sophisticated websiting knowledge that soon, though.

Here's an old sonnet I wrote.


Downtown, I am hiding in my steel tree
]I fly up the phloem to the right height
then down into the chair, where I can see.
I am unwound into words by the light
on screen. This is the wood and wire axis
of all my modern organs, where I plan
to dream small, ‘til my stony brain relaxes.
From here, I dream I see a sharp young man
Like me, but closer to the sky. For I
Have just one giant eye, a boring view
Just this window, but at least I can spy
On all the other nuclei, and you--

My pupil reaches up for your soft fleet
But here, boy and star seldom ever meet.

Boy, I used to write a lot differently...I think I lost a sense of rhythm at some point.

Music: Tetris On Speed, from the audio portal.

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