Monday, January 2

In Siberia, Blog posts YOU


I am in Virgin Islands. There are wild goats here. I have not posted in a while, but it is mostly because the goat population is inversely proportional to the internet population.

I will update the pictures from here, as well as the ones from France and Germany as SOON as I get the chance, and don't think I have forgotten about my promise of videos. They will be up too, I just have to get to a happy place, electronically speaking.

I will be back in NYC on Friday. My room does not have a kitchen. I am not stoked. I'm going to call the housing people.

Our little house here is terrific! There are a lot of bugs crawling around, including giant spiders, the insects that look like sticks, centipedes, and giant praying mantises. Yay!

In my snorkeling adventures I have seen barracuda, mantas, starfish, turtles, and a lot of wacky looking things. No octopi (a tear).

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