Monday, January 23

The digital spans of trees

New toon:

Commencement = May 11th.
Due date for New York City Teaching Fellowship = Feb 12th.
Rock wall job = Early March.
Soft Skull = Thursday afternoons and Fridays (I wrote a press release recently! Exciting. No, it is not online.)
Observation for classes = Mondays?

Things are going slowly. I have a bit of reading to do (does this sound like last semester, to you?), and I have a bit of figuring out to do. Lately I have been considering going to Turkey after I graduate, and working for a living. No, I don't speak Turkish. No, I am not afraid of the Bird Flu. Do you know anyone in that country? I would need a job! I am highly qualified in the following areas:
  • Being a student.
  • Being an intern.
  • Being a son.
Also considering the Peace Corps?

Great news, dudes! Emily, photographer from A Softer World wrote me an email in response to my own, and said that she wanted to put my comics up in the guest section of the website! AND HERE I AM. WOW. WHAT A RUSH.

Music: "Michelle," by the Beatles. Also, "Techno Tetris" by Aphex Twin.

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