Saturday, January 28

Down + Forward + Fierce punch = Lasagna.

By my count, about 30 people showed up to my party! It was a bash. We had a puzzle, coloring, macaroni pictures, videogames, a little rum, lasagna (3 kinds, eggplant veggie, jerk chicken, and beef), 2 kinds of salad, dip, olives, British cookies, and John Ruddy. Oh, did we ever have John Ruddy. For those of you who did not come, thankyou for the leftover powdered donuts. It was low-key. People had conversations. Emily would thank you, but her mouth is full of them.

And then, at the end of the party (as at the end of all great parties), the ice-cream melted, everyone left except for a few people, and you had a nice little mini-after party sharing flash cartoons, doing dishes, and playing chess. Truly, the times were good. It is an honor to be friends with all the people that I am. Even if some of them couldn't get there, it reminded me how good it is to know all of you. Thanks!

My roommate Alex and I are sharing the dual golden ages of friendship that is beating Contra without the 30 lives code and playing Resident Evil 4. I'm doing homework...yeah, totally.

France and Germany coming up...but no time for the next 2 days. Grrr. I want documentation and closure, don't you?

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