Sunday, February 11

Let's get juxtaposed.

Three things!

1. My 95-year-old school is being phased out. I learned about it on Wednesday. My principal is losing her job, unfortunately. I can't decide if it's time to get out before next year, or not. I owe them something. You know? I'm having arguments with myself, results on the evening news.

2. New poem. Comments?


I hear all these stories
about Vladimir and Bunny
forced to marry in Siberia
by economics and

he’s a stock broker who has a golf tattoo
and she’s freegan and a fisherwoman

he's a pedophile who cares only for the sax
and she’s his deaf grandmother

he's the reincarnation of David Bowie
and she is God.

somehow, they always end up falling in love,
or freezing to death.

3. A poem I've read on the internet, which I can't stop reading. It's addictive. What's really strange, however, is that the author is out of print--I can't find his books anywhere. Help? Any thoughts on the poem?

I'm listening to Neko Cases, "Deep Red Bells." Also, the Super Furry Animals, "Juxtaposed with U."