Saturday, November 15


Some recent pixel arts, done with the pencil tool, by hand (mostly) in Photoshlop.

Wednesday, November 12

Survival of the luckiest.

It's Survival of the luckiest in America.

People sometimes ask me why I prefer Taiwan over the US. The answer is the national health care system.
The story below illustrates why I feel Taiwan is such a better place for families and, well, everyone. What would happen to my family and children if I were in this woman's situation? I would have to choose between being thankful for having my life saved, and being pissed for having it destabilised by medical bills. Oh yeah, whoops. There goes a year of college for my kids.
Living in America seems pretty darn risky. When I think back, now, on having to go to certain network hospitals in New York late at night, and waiting in emergency room Triage for six hours till 4 AM, and always being in danger of being bankrupted, I can't help but laugh. Last week, in Taiwan, I visited a hospital down the street after lunch. I saw a specialist, had an x-ray, and got physical therapy for 10 USD, and it only took an hour. Oh yeah, and I had an MRI last month for 6 USD. The CD to take the results home on cost 3 USD extra, though. Hah.

I love you, Taiwan. Thanks for taking care of me. America, grow up already.