Wednesday, November 12

Survival of the luckiest.

It's Survival of the luckiest in America.

People sometimes ask me why I prefer Taiwan over the US. The answer is the national health care system.
The story below illustrates why I feel Taiwan is such a better place for families and, well, everyone. What would happen to my family and children if I were in this woman's situation? I would have to choose between being thankful for having my life saved, and being pissed for having it destabilised by medical bills. Oh yeah, whoops. There goes a year of college for my kids.
Living in America seems pretty darn risky. When I think back, now, on having to go to certain network hospitals in New York late at night, and waiting in emergency room Triage for six hours till 4 AM, and always being in danger of being bankrupted, I can't help but laugh. Last week, in Taiwan, I visited a hospital down the street after lunch. I saw a specialist, had an x-ray, and got physical therapy for 10 USD, and it only took an hour. Oh yeah, and I had an MRI last month for 6 USD. The CD to take the results home on cost 3 USD extra, though. Hah.

I love you, Taiwan. Thanks for taking care of me. America, grow up already.

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