Tuesday, April 27

Publicity hat trick!

I'll be on the radio again this Sunday (93.4 FM, at 7PM approximately), talking about rock climbing with Tina! I guess that means I'll have to keep rock climbing after I completely heal from surgery. Le sigh :)...the MP3 for that show will be available probably on Monday.

Also, this week, I found out I was on television, as seen in this youtube video!

AND, I was on radio for 20 minutes last Sunday, reading my story, a poem, and plugging Write Club. The MP3 for that show will be available Sunday. Cheers!

Sunday, April 25

This one goes to eleven.

I'm going to be reading a short story of mine, called "Your Own Mistakes," on Taiwanese radio! I'm going to be on the air at 7 PM or so. It's on my friend Colin's radio show tonight. I don't really remember the call sign, but I'll get a recording of myself up here, so you can hear it for yourselves! Garrison Keelor, eat your heart out.

Sunday, April 11

That's what SHE said.

Two major items on today's agenda.

1. Lots of pictures and descriptions of said pictures.
2. I finished Moby Dick, and I have many things to say about it. But probably the most pressing intellectual issue is WHY THE WHALE KICKS THE PEQUOD'S ASS SO HARD. I was routing for Ahab. Apparently, I was the only one, even amongst groups of people who have not read the book. For instance, I told Tina about my surprise, and she texted me a message to the effect of, "You were routing for the Pequod? Who told you to do that?" Anyway, shock and awe. Shock and awe.

Here's a slideshow of a few items: the triathalon, a trip to Liuchiu Island, and some other stuff. Enjoy!

Some brief notes about triathlons.

1. Sometimes no one tells you about the mountain you have to go up in the running section.
2. Sometimes no one tells you about the mountain you have to go up in the biking section.
3. Triathlons are tiring.
4. It is better, more fun, if your friends go, too.
5. There are a contingent of people who care only about winning. Even when you cross the finish line, the first thing these people may ask you is, "SO WHAT PLACE DID YOU GET," even though it's impossible to know (and silly to ask), because the race starts in waves. These probably people appear to suck, and for good reason; it is because they do.
6. I finished in 1:37:00, although it's impossible to be sure. That's what Tina tells me, but she also says it's not accurate because she started it late. I was very happy with the time, but I wish I had had more water during the race. I ended up walking at one point during the biking (up a stupid steep hill, my front wheel was coming off the ground), and at one point when I had a killer cramp while running. Again, no water. They only had one water station for the entire race. Half way through the running section. That feels....like bad design.
7. Races where they don't tell you how far you've gone are not a good thing. That way you run and you run and you run, but you don't know when to use all your energy and sprint for the finish. It's silly.
8. Stay in the outside of the swimming herd. That way you won't get kicked so much. I didn't get kicked at all, really, but I can see how that would suck a lot.

Friday, April 9

Remember when we were young?

This. Which is not to be outdone by this. Neither of which could ever be equal to that.