Thursday, March 27



Your mother says
fruit is important.
Your father says
keeping your programmers happy is important.
Our cat says
waking up at six AM to put food in a bowl that is already full
is absolutely critical.

People are single colors,
they are one dimension.
Viewed from overhead
they are skinny and hardly there.
Standing together they make a picture
a feeling, but by themselves they are
brutish, and one color
by itself is always wrong.

You will see,
your mother will say
she never said fruit was important
(it was vegetables all along!)
your father will claim
that he always hated other people's problems,
(if only he could be given a chance to be himself!)
It will all get mixed up.
And let's not even talk about the cat.

People in groups will elect a leader that
doesn't represent them, but stands straightest.
That is why people are like trees, you see,
they stand as themselves 
without context,
without choice,
searching only for the sunlight
they believe in.