Monday, July 24

The ziggurat of stupid

So I looked at my brand new ten dollah non-stick frying pan from Rhode Island's cheapass acme store unlimited, Ocean State Job Lot. I looked at it. It has a bloody sticker on the inside of the pan, telling me it is a non-stick pan. Why do I get the feeling it's not a good peice of cookware?

Saturday, July 22

All my records have a rash...they itch...I've gotta scratch.

So! I'm at home, chillaxing with my kitty and my parents. I had a big mushroom for dinner last night, hamburger style. I just ate a blueberry bagel. Toma, my foreign exchange studend sister from Dessau, Germany is visiting. We're a family again!

I have an interview on Monday, for the school I've been summer school teaching in! I thought I had the job already, but just after I told everyone I had a job the guy mentioned that it wasn't 'till august that he'll know for sure. But I guess I spoke to the right person, and well...Monday is go-day.

Hah! So, it turns out my banjo teacher is jewish. He told me it's been a big movement in Brooklyn (jewish people playing bluegrass, I mean)--they call it Jewgrass. We've got soul now, apparently. Who knew?

I was in class the other day, and my cooperating teacher, Ms. Norton, was going over homophones with the kids. They got the idea, but she told them it was correct that "hair," "hear," "here," "beer," and "bear" are all pronounced exactly the same way. And in an earlier lesson, she didn't know that space did not have oxygen in it. She was literally standing there dumbfounded in front of the class, with an expression on her face like she didn't know what the heck the class or I was talking about when we said you couldn't breathe in space. I guess I have my work cut out for me.

The superhero thing is STILL in mind, don't you worry. I'm just working on it. I visited the superhero supply store, and it wasn't quite what I needed to begin my reign of justice. My friend Steve at Chico state says he's totally going to do it as well--he wants to make all this branded leather armor for himself in the metal shop. I don't know how he'll do it.

I was interviewed at ABC about my opinion on the end of the world! I told them I thought our biggest problem was overpopulation. They asked me what I would do if I knew the world was going to end in 20 years via black hole, because apparently that's how long we would have. I told them I wouldn't do anything, because I'd probably get tired of doing everything I've ever wanted to do. 20 years is a long time. It would just destroy your life, to freak out about it. I told them I'd probably just go to work, maybe throw a few extra parties. I'm a procrastinator anyway--so I'd probably put off the end of the world until the last possible second.

This is what I would watch if the world was going to end. WORD. Sock puppets:

Wednesday, July 19

I'm better than Anna Karingal.

Mary's blog is in the links section! Check it out ----->

Monday, July 10

Radiation in my cereal.

Hey, folks! So. The new Simon:

1. Is hosting Steve Breedlove and his friend Scott, buddies from New Orleans.
2. Is proud to be a katherine hangout partner today, for the first time in months.
3. Passed his teaching tests with flying colors, and is now licensed!
4. Is student teaching summer school at K292, a Jr. High School that eats nails for breakfast and poops gold dubloons at two PM. I have 24 students and learned many of their names today (the second class I didn't get to know anyone). Their names are: Ethan, Cory, Elvin, Christopher, Christina, Shena, Lamar, Daniel, and Gregory in one class, and in the second class there's Duvall, Dykia :), Clarks, and some other kids.
5. Is going home in two weeks.
6. Will be missing Horton Stock 2006 AND Falcon Ridge 2006. WEEEEEPING.
7. Is practicing the banjo for his lessons (I promise).
8. Has gotten back on track with the whole eating healthy/180 situps and 100 pushups on alternating days thing with the help of a massive salad and a desire to get up in the morning.
9. Went to a mac and cheese restaurant last night in the East Village (SMACC), and is very pleased to say that it will be a repeated experience.
10. Is going to Kenka tonight Fo' Sho.
11. Is going to play RISK with Kristin of the Bears and Anthony of the Kristin on wednesday night with Mary, and Probably Steve Breedlove and Scott.
12. Finds reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night to be a fascinating and sensual experience.
13. Enjoys the Sandman Chronicles, and is looking for volume numba 2.
15. Likes eating steamed chard with fried garlic and tomato peices mixed in.
16. Is becoming a superhero. No, I'm serious. If you check one thing out on my blog this year, let it be this, and know that I have a new hobby coming up.

16. Is now going running.

That is all.