Saturday, January 12

By your powers combined...

Finally done! Time to move on with my pixelated life. I will be printing a poster or three of this soon, for my trophy room. Stupid huge copy for printing over here. Don't ask how big it is. Okay, fine, I'll tell you. It's 16,500 x 7040.

From left to right...

Top: Adam, Xiao Jojo (AKA Super Earth Man), Dawid, Debra the Ninja, Joan the Chicken Chaser, Catasha, Da Jojo and family in Gary's car.

Middle: Colin the Photo crafter, Peggymaid, Milo the Chinese Zombie, Rachel the daredevil, Anita surfing a missile, Nikki the jetpack dog, Katie Beth (AKA Super Archery Princess), Pascal and his balloons, the Junior Jet with Super Skriver and Charlene Rockbot, The Lee Family (inc. Jody the Rabbit, George the swordpig, Angela and Dr. Lee with tea), Nans Honda.

Bottom: Andrew, One-man-band Trevor Hayes, Mehtabot (Phuong, Mia, Ash, Marley), Pixel the cat, Tina the Hadokenmaster, Simon standing on a boring rock with a boring handgun, Super Calligraphy Fawkes, Mike (as Hamlet, holding the skull of Yorick), Secret Agent Shoe, Michelle and Offer drinking from the cup of happy marriage love, and Paully Paul going for an amazing Frisbee Catch.

Fun Fact: Exactly 40% of the people in this picture have the Chinese last name Lee.