Saturday, November 26


I made a new book for Isis' birthday! It's about her new sibling...didn't you know? Yeah! Lock and load!

Wednesday, May 18

39 Hours!

Last weekend helped make this movie with my friends at work, as part of a 39 hour film competition! I did all the motion graphics -- all the animation and pictures that pop up in front of the camera. Try scanning the QR code!

Also, my first time doing any 3D rendering (on the gavel).

Saturday, May 7


you are too late.
To see our empty oceans
is to know the truth:
Everything here
is the last of its kind,
pure and unfixable.
We float,
but are barely seaworthy.
Lightning will strike us,
and we will burn.

We tried.
We sent our heroes out,
but our cheap hunger
overwhelmed us.
We ate their families.
Now they too are lost,
deadly and flailing.
Please don't tell them
it was us.
Here, have a coin.

We made machines
and machines to make machines.
Evil that can run itself
a thousand years,
no need to tend it.
Here, have a coin.

Sunday, February 21




With zen advice from R Stevens over at Diesel Sweeties. What a tremendous helper and all around awesome person!

Monday, January 11


150 x 200 px. Some pixelated pizza in my new hobby game. Drawn in photoshop by hand, with some filters, and looking at google images. The toppings (not just mushrooms) will be placed randomly.