Monday, December 10

LR Update 1

I thought as a matter of historical record that I would start recording my daily progress on the Living Room here. Here's the version message for today:

Every time we build, a message like this pops up at the beginning of the app to tell you what new stuff you're about to see.

Today I felt like every game had 10 million little things to fix! I was hoping to get all the game stuff done this week, and be ready to move on to programming the living room UI (menus, etc) for the next week. Hopefully I can get to that point by the end of the week -- there's still a lot of work to be done on the actual living room in the game! So we'll see what happens tomorrow, if I can get through a decent amount of stuff.

Smash Bros is out, and it's taking up some time as well!

Sunday, December 2



The Ziggurat of Stupid
The Ancestral Home of Morons
Castle Retard
Fort Idiot
The Pantheon of Dingbats
The Great Wall of Roundheads
Wanker Wat
The Temple of Schmucks
Chump Church
Monastery of Morons
Grand Birdbrain Station
Plonker Palace
The Dyson Sphere of the Blockhead System


My accomplice, Jose, said he might want to make a Sudoku game for the Living Room! Could be a great little game for the first release. I drew this when he told me what he was thinking. We aren't sure whether we'd want the game to dynamically generate puzzles (smaller!) or have a database of them (easier!).

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