Friday, December 8

Real quick


As the blueness
of sky around clouds
I was whole today

I was reminded
of the growing puzzle,
and how we must be satisfied
to see only a face, or a shape
whose edges are easy to identify
amongst pieces, and that
some pieces may appear
only as we look for them,
or disappear only as we smile.

You fail and it is you,
your entire incompleteness
your limp, your leaning on the world.
The world never leans back, or
gives you your balance. No,
it's the work that will make you honest
sweat will cool your face,
provided the rushing of air
against it.

You fly down the hill,
feeling drafts of air conditioning
from open doors,
every smell of your life --
chills and hot drafts
the smells of sudden vegetables,
fish oils, peanut butter,
Every color.