Monday, February 9

Eleanor Pwnsevelt

New poem. Also, new project art--I've created a board game! Actually, the image is going on the front of my portfolio. The game board is actually the size of four peieces of computer paper taped together-it's just super small here. I'm applying to work for a non-profite human rights organization. Anyway, Czech it out.


Electronic winds whisper

into our ears, and we wink

saying, see

how in tune are we?

We finger number sculptures

and touch our tools constantly.

We build bits of data,

which when stacked turns

into a pleasing picture, and we grin, thinking

how brilliant! Does this image

not imitate nor ironize

perfectly what it is?

Our desires for Oreos have mathematical bases,

as do our desires to uncover these bases. Therefore,

the enjoyment of life is a passive act.