Wednesday, December 14

It isn't indie rock to post on your birthday, so I waited

until now. But that doesn't mean I can't talk about it! I got a very lovely cake from Joseph and Liz just now, a box of cookies from Monica, and lots of love from everyone. Actually, I've officially deferred my birthday celebrations today because I've had too much homework to do. I filled out the forms in triplicate, so don't worry. Check out the awesome e-card I got in the mail from my dad! He says it's my mom singing, but I think my mom probably loves me a little too much to tell me I look more like Spongebob than last year. I've already listened to it three times, but it's up for another 44 days, so let's give these instacard people a run for their hosting responsibilities! WATCH IT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. VALUE IS NEAR. LONG LIVE MY BIRTHDAY.

I feel kind of old. All my friends tell me I am. But then, they are twentyish. So, probably no big deal.

Look at all the books I read this semester! There are a few. They come up to the middle of my thigh when I stand next to them.

The kids at the school made me a great little card! Adowable. Really glad I spent time there. Here is the outside and inside. I made them cookies, so it was a pretty fair trade. Unfortunately I had to leave last week in the middle of their field trip, which was to a Jewish arts center where they learned about the culture and--shockingly--met the kind of jews that wear those little hats.

For those of you who like navagating my photobucket thingy, my Switzerland pictures are up there. But once again, no time to write descriptions, as I'm in the middle of some final paperage. Until I can give you the guided tour, you can find it in the "Up to Dec 13 Switzerland" folder.

Up and coming soon:
Switzerland photo tour
Scotland photo tour
Spain photo tour

I am listening to Cat Stevens right now. Matthew and Son is the song.

I am 22 now.

I am finishing classwork on thursday, going toma-ing, Ollie-ing, and Chris-ing on Friday, and then coming back home on the 24th! Don't know whether there will be too many updates after friday, but we'll see. I'm working on it :)

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