Monday, June 26

God for president 2008

So I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight with Mary. Finally. It was basically Al Gore giving a presentation on global warming, and it was depressing, but it was an important movie as far as I'm concerned, for two reasons:
  1. It's Al Gore propoganda, which is not a bad thing necessarily. He needs to be seen as a president, and it paints him as hard hitting/media-savvy. I think we need the kind of president who realizes that you can make a movie about something like global warming, let people who care about global warming go see it, and then appear as someone else completely to other people who care about different issues. Does he care about global warming? Probably. I don't know that someone can say the things he did on film, plus spend thirty years of his life travelling the country giving this presentation, and not beleive it.
  2. He's probably right about everything he says, and everyone needs to know what's going on with the world. I say probably, because I'm always suspicious of people who want my vote. MY vote, goddamnit! My mother gave birth to me in America, and I have a responsibility to vote responsibly.
The highlight of the movie was a swimming CGI polar bear with big, cute eyes. Unfortunately, they were talking about how they have been finding drowned polar bears recently. They drown because there are fewer/thinner icebergs.

So, basically, I've come to the conclusion that the world is in for 20 feet of flooding, all around. We need to see that happen to us before people realize that it's time to clean up our act. Looks like New York City teaching for 30 years is out. ;)


Walking home at 2AM tonight. Nostrand Ave was empty, like a weird, dark golf course. Wish I had my camera.

I finished my T-shirt stencilling project! Yay!

Tomorrow, back to class.

I made a budget for myself, and i'm actually living UNDER the means I am able to live under, even with saving 33% of my annual revenue. AND, I have a surplus of 4K! I don't know what to do! Yay. I love you, mom and dad.


Anonymous said...

you should buy me lots of chocolate...

and then give money to the next democratic campaign.

Anonymous said...


I just saw An Inconvenient Truth and I would have to disagree with you. I don't think Al Gore was using it as propoganda for votes at ALL. That's what I liked so much about it. He's a classy man. I think the fact that he is so far superior to Bush just makes the film seem like propoganda cause after you're like "DAMN. I want him to be the president."

Anyways that movie was incredible. Everyone should see it. And buy it. And give it a big ol' smooch.