Sunday, August 6

Post-op post up about the op

Teacher training is done. No more work at IS 292 with Ms. Norton, for now. The picture on the left actually very accurately depicts what the last few days were like, for me. Except, without the smiles. Or the spoon.

I have my first week of lesson plans done, and hopefully a job there (only August 8th will know for sure). If I don't have a job there, then it's time to get back on the wagon and call me some dang schools. Hopefully I'll do this pre-op monday morning, as my operation is at 8, and as everyone knows, schools open early. I myself have been getting up around 6ish every morning since July 1. Not to brag. For me, it's impressivo.

Regardless, I'll be back from RI on the 16th, as I have tickets to the COLBERT REPORT on the 17th. Mary's treat. Ass or no ass, I'm there. Then, who knows? School starts August 31. I think I may go hiking.

Yesterday Mary and I went to the OPera at Brooklyn College. We saw Cosi Fan Tuti, the Mozart opera, in Italian. It was awesome, although Mary would hardly beleive me saying that, since I fell asleep once or twice (I was up until 1 every night this week finishing up training stuff). There was almost no one in the theater, it cost 15 bucks (front rowish tickets), and the orchestra came up on an elevator in front of the stage! Faboo.

The day after the opera, Mary and I went to the NYC acquarium at Coney Island, with the crazy kids. It was actually kind of awesome. Would you beleive they have Octopus hand puppets? Well, they do. We saw the Walrus feeding, the Sea Lion show (at the Aqua Theatre, duh), and marvelled at the penguins. There was an octopus too, but he was a shy one. Awww...shy little octopus. Mwah. Oh no! Get off me!

Mary met a fantastic new lover in the dark shadows of the acquarium, at the Alien Stingers exhibit (truly a fascinating investigation into the world of the jellyfish). Fortunately, he had cardboard for brains. My masculinity is safe.

I've been doing well on the banjo! I'll get a video of myself playing up here soon. The other day I was playing in front of all the teaching fellows at Brooklyn College (about 250 people). I was going to do a performance peice for our group's skit--my friend Mike was going to eat White Castle sitting in a chair while I played "over the rainbow" on the banjo. Now, I can PLAY that song. But when I got up there, my brain and chord hand turned to jello. I told them it was my first live performance. It was! I saved all by telling the nacho cheese joke.

My room has AIR CONDITIONING NOW, which is AWESOME in its ability to inspire me to do actual things in my room other than sit in front of the fan and drool steam. Unfortunately I learned that lesson which all young boys must learn in order to become men; I spent too much on the air conditioner, and then had to carry the sucker home and not buy many groceries until payday. It was an ironically hot ride home on the bus. But when you're not dehydrating and hallucinagenic with the heat, you don't eat as much.

I've got to pack up to go home, now. Bus is at 9:30. No eating until 8 tomorrow morning. News at 11.

My latest video is a short documentary. It is entitled The Secret Walrus, not to be confused with The Secret Goldfish, of Holden Caulfield fame.

I just finished Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck), Tender is the Night (Fitzgerald). Starting on The New York Trilogy and The Curious Incident Of the Dog in the Night Time.

The question of the night: Nature or nurture?

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