Friday, May 8

It's your thang, do whachu wanna do.

Here's a video of my great grandfather, Avram Harzfeld, a Russian/Israeli Jew who was at one point banished to Siberia for keeping subversive (revolutionary) literature in his apartment! I'd been reading about him recently, so it's funny that my family should just find this now. If only I could speak Hebrew...

In any case, I'm getting rid of most of my posessions before I go to Florida, including this computer. I'm hoping it's going to be marvellously freeing to do so. I guess I'll have to keep all you kids updated, so you know whether it's a viable option for you as well.

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Ben said...

Feel free to hand write your blog posts to me, at which point I'll type them up and hack into your account and post them on your behalf.