Wednesday, November 11

Adorable moments in government employment.

So, today, I walked into the Dean's office during lunch today, at 1:00 PM (Lunch on Wednesdays is half of the entire day, from 12-4). About 10 adults work in that office. And wouldn't you know? Every single person in the office was sleeping, head on desk. One of them woke up and asked me, smiling, what I wanted. I asked if Nina, the Dean, was around. She pointed to the dean's office, a door in the back of the room, and said she was sleeping. She said she would wake up in twenty minutes. I just smiled.

Ahhh, it's just terrible here. I might be forced to take up cartooning again.

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Marc Braunstein said...

Simon, I really like your apartment, although from your diagram it appears that most of the walls really aren't very straight and the doors are all painted either red or blue. Your newfound kitty will love the loft for sure and probably attack you as you pass underneath.