Tuesday, April 17

An epic with extra cheese.

All the cool kids are excited about Pizzacopter ™. They all know that good things are coming. Especially the cool kids in 50-story walk-up apartments. Those people are excited. Game will feature:
  • Duelling pizza delivery companies with military-grade weaponry, dedicated to the preservation of vicious free-market competition.
  • Pizza topping giblet explosions.
  • Daring delivery by skyhook, bungee jump, and grappling hook.
  • State of the art graphics, from the year 198X.
  • Catchy heavy-metal chiptune accordion music.
  • Completely unrealistic helicopter flight simulation, using arrow key or touchscreen technology.
  • More tips and reputation for quicker deliveries.
  • And much more! ( Don't you hate it when people use this as a bullet point? I do.)
This one happens to be going all the way.

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