Tuesday, May 9

T-minus 6 hours.

Call me a graduate at high noon today. I'll be comin' round the mountain when I come. Longer update with pictars about it all soon...here's a poem.


I scratch the head
and think, city streets:

A complex matrix
of bowling alleys.

I'm ashamed but
I'd roll right up to your door if you

I walked by a NYPD squad car today on the way home (at 3 AM), and looked at what they were doing on their official NYPD laptop crime database that all squad cars are equipped with. They were playing Spider Solitaire! I smiled and walked on.

George took me diving yesterday! I did a 15 foot back-flop and screamed curses under water, but came up laughing and feeling like I'd had the wind knocked out of me. It was a great moment to be human. I did do some preeeetty sweet dives, though.

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