Friday, June 5

The fully stocked refrigerator at the end of the universe.

Howdy from York, Maine, my mecca of couch-sitting this week. Well, not exactly, as I'm doing a bit of running and strength training with Matt (my sister's boyfriend). I've also been doing a bit of hiking up at Katahdin, as the picture to the left indicates. Absolutely beautiful plumage on that mountain. We It was great to hang out with my sister, whom I feel more connected with now--we really hadn't spent any extended amount of time hanging out since I left for college seven years ago, and it seems we're both fully functional adultish beings! Huh?

Anyway, I'm hanging out at the house where she's house-sitting with Matt, and enjoying the groceries, beaches, and master bedroom I've been given to sleep in. On the 8th, it's off to Key Largo!

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