Wednesday, March 24

Momma always says...

"The rocks in his head fit the holes in hers."

I always thought that was an endearing and complimentary thing to say about a couple until I really thought about're mean, mom. Not that you've ever said that about ME. No, the rocks in my head are special :).

So, on the agenda today are 3 items. Here goes:

1. Photos! It occurs to me that while I go rock climbing a lot, and it is a pretty photogenic sport, I haven't really given you guys any idea of what goes on. I'll try to do that better in the future.
2. Announcement: I am going to start a creative writing circle on Wednesdays at 9:30, at a place called The Warehouse! It's here in Kaohsiung. More details as that evolves. I'll probably post the flyer I'll make for the thing here.

3. Poem: What do you think? Want feedback.


We did not ask for much, in the beginning;
perhaps a chance to stand in the wind
on a mountain, next to a man
who might have been Jesus.

The greeks asked for heavy capes and olives
they received them, and lay on the ground
looking at the rocks and trees nearby;
babies drank wine or breastmilk,
Oh, and sometimes, they wanted just
for their smooth bodies to be lovingly sculpted
without color--so maybe we could see
how sexy they were when they were young.

Really, all the Romans ever wanted
were some brightly colored tunics.
When the technology was developed,
they showed, and brought along some swords for fun
which they lovingly shoved into people's bodies
often in a synchronized pattern, just as the painting
was being made,
so you could see everything;
the glorious armies,
the bloodthirsty or beautiful legends
rising from seas of salt water
or gore.

And then the Spanish marched right on in.
They declared that this was fucked, they wanted ugly people,
and long curly hair, and halberds
for murdering the natives.
They wanted creepy children in large ornate houses,
as well.
The Americans, British, and French
wanted all this too, so that was the thing
for a while,
although it should be mentioned casually
that some of these cultures were a lot like the Greeks--
they wanted haystacks in wagons,
and they wanted to be peasants laying on the ground
in the grass, next to a newly invented bicycle
and perhaps some wine and/or breastmilk,

Until they all died or killed each other,
which is the same old story.
Then, boy, it was time to get rid of people altogether.
We began destroying people, or making them face the wrong way,
so that we could see their backs,
or the way they existed at multiple moments in chronology.
It all became rather complicated, you see.
Because we wanted people to see what we thought,
and even though that was what we were thinking,
we wanted to actually still be doing all the things we had already done;
wearing colorful tunics, drinking wine, standing next to Jesus and murdering him with a sword.
This accomplished, we began to do it more and more frequently
we began to demand it more frequently
and it wasn't enough that perhaps one hundred pictures in the world were pornographic
they needed to be nearly infinite in number, accessible at any time,
and changable according to the color of tunic
we most preferred.
We began to chase these things more and more, they became superfluous, and
so did we, and we left our bodies at work
went home, and had a mixed drink;
it was whiskey and orange juice,
and we were miserable, God Damnit,
and we had every right to be, because this was the future,
and we were not happy.

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