Monday, April 4

That weekday feeling.

So, we're rolling into the (fifth?) week of AIM. I have three kinds of information to present to you, depending on who you are. I have:

1. Personal information, and
2. Academic, animation and course-related information.
3. This video to the left here. I like it, particularly as it develops, towards the middle. I'll talk about it in purple later.

Let's start with the first category.

1. Things have been going pretty well lately. I haven't felt compelled to write very much about myself or post pictures, because so much of my life is just consumed by my studying. This isn't to say I haven't been enjoying myself otherwise. Tina's great (the best part about Australia, actually), we did some rock climbing last Friday, and we'll go again this week, with a camera and hopefully some more new friends. I've been on the lookout for new things to do, and I've felt kind of trapped in Melbourne (as in, I haven't been mountain climbing in Australia yet), but I'm eating lots of curry and feeling fine, day in, day out. 

Actually, exciting event: I don't know how many of you were aware of this, but Tina and I began an herb/veggie garden, and when we moved last week, we put it outside of our window (on the first floor) to get some sun. And within HALF AN HOUR, our prize BROCCOLI plant was STOLEN. I put out a missing vegetables report immediately, but the case was not cracked until yesterday, when Pierre, the man from flat 17, explained how grateful he was that we had given it away. GAH! What a guy. So, we'll get it back soon, hopefully. And Pierre seems like a cool guy. So maybe we'll have him over for some steamed veggies sometime.

Lastly, we're planning on coming to the US in June and July, so now I'm in the process of getting in touch with everyone and trying to find out if they want to hang. It's been a long time since I've been back, but I'm looking forward to seeing what became of everyone/everything.

2. Although I haven't been keeping up on POSTING my daily images, I have most certainly been drawing every day, and doing a lot of thinking about that drawing. Actually, most of my focus in the last few weeks hasn't been on the subject as much as the canvas--what program or medium I'm using to present what I've drawn. Learning Maya and Unity3d, finally getting around to exploring Flash CS5, Camtasia, and other technological craziness has been going on, and as a result, I haven't really been doing any drawing that's easily posted on the blog.

I feel like actually practicing animating something requires a lot of setup, and therefore I haven't actually done much sequential, let's-see-how-this-looks-when-played kind of work. But I think that mostly reflects the way I approach my work. I see all of my projects as these sort of ideas around which foundations must first be built--you have to level the land and plow the field before you can actually plant anything, if you catch my meaning. All my projects seem to demand that I invent some way of seeing them, some means of understanding the action I want to convey, and THAT in and of itself takes more time than anything else, including the production of the action. If you also add the implementation of some level of interactivity into all that, then you've got a big whopping project to do. Which reminds me, I really have to be going. Animation about a character and their behaviour/agency in two days.

3. I really enjoyed that animation up above because I think it plays with the idea of "showing and not telling" in an interesting way. The narrator/animator is showing us and telling us what he's interested in at the same time, and I think that really gets the message to the viewer differently than either the narrator or the animator could seperately. The way the action builds is also interesting--after the crescendo it devolves into something less interesting, and so (for me), the whole movie comes off as having a sort of organic tempo. I don't think that this style of video works for many things, but for presenting Labaye's idea of "the idea of motion being freedom", it works perfectly. Ya?

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