Saturday, July 11

Not much to say.

Except that I know now what it means to be happily busy, happily caught up in things I can't even begin to understand about the future. It's coming at me, and I'm ready to get swallowed. Maybe this doesn't sound like a positive thing, really, but in a way I feel pure and at peace about it. I've been struggling with getting caught up in myself professionally and emotionally for the last two years...and now the moment has come for me to just be. So that's what I'm going to do. Who knows who I will be in thirty days? Not me. It's gonna be awesome to have it all in my head, though.

--KLF 168 Instructor Simon "Thunderstein (new nickname)" Braunstein

PS: Checking my phone in 12 days. At Crescent lake campground, after paddling the Oklawaha River for ten days...

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