Saturday, September 10

Halfway to the 'henge, sucka.

I give you England. Country, culture, empire.

(Dude, South Park jokes? Shakey's Pizza cloning episode?)

I almost went to Stonehenge today, but when I got to the bus station with 10 other people, there were only 8 seats on the bus. So Stephanie, Stephanie, and myself went back (we'll go next week), and I went to go walk down Brick lane with Liz to find a fruit market, where the fun really was. Look at this pulsing metropolis!

I think it's another case of London emptying out on the weekend. Or maybe it's just that the market is on Sunday, not Saturday. Either way, I'm doing homework and other career related stuff today, so not much to report. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but here's a poem to beef up today's entry. I think I'm going to be putting a bit of writing up here, to motivate myself to edit and all. So here's a test run.


Smooth black menace
ergonomic and always new
you looked expensive,
even from the ground.
You are the black-ops
of ball points.

Chewed, red...thing.
You are a very erratic friend,
I am not sure
I like the way your felt
grates under words
rubbing the paper red.

Old man yellow,
you are my grandfather.
I had depended on you
until you died, but proud
I still carry you around
as a trophy.

Nice, calm purple.
Your ink comes as wide sideways
as my Hegelian confusion;
neither ever run dry.
My faith in you
borders on religion.
When you die, there will be
the screech of dry felt
a flaming boat, and
an "Oh."

Let me know if you have suggestions for anything I write, I'm always looking for help. Cheers!



Anonymous said...

Hard luck about stone henge - no worries though, the Kentish stone 'S' will more than make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon! Wow it sounds like you're having a blast. And the pictures of the london architecture are gorgeous.. I really want to go now.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I expect you to develop a british accent by the time you get back. Preferably cockney, but anything is fine.

Anonymous said...

finally got a chance to check out your "spot." i expect that your notebook is collecting of bits of paper and coins and stories. check that mailbox! when you visit Will, give him my highest regards.

Anonymous said...

haha u hav no sense of wonder it took u 3 hours to get to rock climbin :-)...c u wen u get home!